Created in 2008, this series gathers of a set of three brooches made of sterling silver, inspired by the design of the traditional costume from Seto, Estonia.
 Each brooch is composed by two conical modules. The larger module relates to the idea of protection and the smaller one evokes a possible decompression.
 Both modules have a noch system that allows them to be used according to the user’s mood: together, attached, reinforcing a need for protection that was created by a moment of tension or anger. By detaching both pieces a place for decompression, relief and peace is created.

Breath brooch 1_foto1
Breath brooch 3_foto2
Breath brooch 2_foto1
Breath brooch 3_foto1
Breath brooch 4_foto1
Breath brooch 1_foto2
Breath brooch 4_foto2 (foto copertina)
Breath brooch 2_foto2