Created in 2007/08, the Cells series studies the form of microorganisms.
 Each piece of this collection is a symbolic exercise that seeks to materialize the bridge between the inside and the outside of the living organisms. It encourages the user to reflect about the complexity of the body.
 The brooches, rings and necklaces presented on this collection are made of sterling silver, handmade paper and translucent resin.
 Earlier this year, as an extension of this series , the author developed an exclusive sequence of pieces for the exhibition “Paper Works” at Studio Fusion Gallery in London.

Cell brooch 6
Cell brooch 5_foto1
Cell brooch 3
Cell rings_foto2
Cell rings_foto1
Cell necklace 1_foto1
Cell necklace 3_foto1
Cell necklace 2_foto1
Cell bracelet 2
Cell bracelet 1
Cell brooch 1
Cell brooch 2
Cell ring 2
Cell ring 1
Cell necklace