Geometric Silver Collar Necklace

Bib filigree necklace geometric 1
Bib filigree necklace geometric 2

€ 180,00

Cloud necklace

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Product Description

This Geometric Collar Necklace is a delicate piece inspired in the victorian motifs, and is handmade using the filigree technique.
The filigree technique is a process that makes every piece special, since the arrangement of filigree wires gives rise to a piece that differs from all previously developed.

The necklace is completely made using 925 silver and the finishes are in bright silver. The filigree technique makes the piece very light and comfortable.

Production method: handmade filigree

Material: sterling silver


  • geometric pendant : 6,5cm x 5cm (2.6” x 5”)
  • complete length of the necklace (when is open) is 49 cm (19.3”)

For another chain length, please contact me.

All products will be delivered in a gift box with the logo of the brand.